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Front cover of 1931 magazine with free overall patterns!
Feburary 1931 My weekly

Well, after all that we think these magazines are much more interesting…

Front cover of 1931 magazine with free Summer Undies patterns!
August 1931 Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal

They are so different and yet they are from just a few months apart in 1931. They show how, just as today, they cater for their readership. With the 2 pence My Weekly focusing on practical 1920s style workwear for busy housewives, Weldons does not display it’s price and is for “Ladies”. The magazine is of better quality paper with more use of colour, and what we would recognise as distinctly 1930s long silhouette outfits which are not suitable for cleaning the house in! Both do provide free patterns though, so even the fashionable ladies in 1931 were obviously just as keen on a freebie as the hardworking housewife.



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